10 Things you should do before you’re 40!

Have you ever thought of what it would be like when you’re 40? What would you be doing? How much money would you have in your savings account? Who have the answers to all these questions? If you are in your 30s and still don’t have an answer to any of those questions, it’s time to start thinking and answering those questions. Today, we have 10 suggestions of what to do before you turn 40! Let’s see which one you can relate to!

1. Choose the right job and the job you like.

By working for the right job brings you joy, but what about the job that’s right for you? And what’s the right job for you? The right job for you is the job that can provide for you and your family, or in other word, a stable job. If you’re happy with the job you’re doing but it doesn’t give you enough income for you to be able to survive on your own then that’s not the right job for you.

2. The earlier you start saving, the quicker you’re to being rich.

Life after retirement is, at the moment, unimaginable for a lot of us. However, one thing we know for sure is that you should start saving up now that you’re still healthy and has the energy to work. You might not be rich in the end but at least you will still have some saving and money to use in the future.

3. Find your life goal

This one is very important, if you’re nearly 30 and still do not have any life goal then this means that you have been living without any plans. You don’t know what success is. Therefore, for those who’s still lost, start searching for your future/life goal now. We can guarantee that your life will lead to the road of success.

4. Buy a house before a car

A secret trick for those who’s unsure of which to buy first, a house, or a car? They say that in the future, housing price will increase and car pricing will decrease. If you don’t have any of these 2, we suggest that you buy a house first because the interest on the house is higher and if you can finish paying it off first then you will be free of debt.

5. You should have more than 1 job

One person definitely has more than 1 talent. We believe that nothing is certain and there are always changes. If you’re a salaryman who works at the office, you should find an extra job, but don’t let that extra job interfere with your main job.

6. Take every opportunity that life has to offer

Every opportunity comes with different experiences. It does not matter if you succeed or not, what matters is that you’ve tried doing it. If you look back, you might learn a thing or two and are able to use that towards your life goal.

7. Travel

You should start travelling now that you’re still young because you’re still fit and healthy. Once you’re older, or after 40 years old, things might be more difficult.

8. Establishing yourself

Usually comes from all the savings. You should start thinking about how much money you should have in your saving after you’re 40, what’s your retirement plan. You should start establishing yourself as soon as possible by searching for your life goal.

9. Invest

When you’re thinking about saving, just saving money is not enough anymore for people around the age of 30. You should start thinking of investing. So, for the person the age of 30, then what should you be investing on? We suggest that you should study on stock, land, endowment insurance or other properties. If you cannot afford them yet, you should study it first and when you’re ready, you can start investing.

10. Health is important

When you’re nearly 40, the risk of getting sick is higher than when you’re younger. Therefore, having a health insurance is something that should not be overlooked. It’s ok if you do not have a large amount of saving, you can still find more but what’s important is that you have to look after you health.

All mentioned above are just some tips from us. What we want you to do is to find the answer of your life goal, once that’s been answered, the rest will follow. Lastly, “Life goal, Saving and Establishing yourself” whoever can achieve these things first will have a more stable life. However, don’t forget to be happy, always, before or after 40.

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