5 common diseases that no one wants to have

"Not having any illness is the greatest gift of all" is still the classic phrase to live by. These days, illness is everywhere. When you think you’ve looked after yourself well, you can still get sick. These are the 5 common diseases that no one wants to have. Let’s have a look at those diseases.

1. Cancer

This is the most popular disease among Thai people (actually, we don’t want to use the word ‘popular’). The average mortality rate from cancer is 6 persons per hour according to the data from the Ministry of Health and the trend is looking like it’s increasing. There are many types of cancer for example, liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer etc. Once you get it, the chances of getting it cured is slim. Some people have other diseases along with cancer as well. Even though the modern medical treatment and tools are advanced, there’s still no 100% cure for it, except if the disease is found at the very early stages. The main method to avoid getting cancer is to exercise regularly and avoid anything that could cause cancer like having grilled food, burnt food and smoking. Also, you should look out for any abnormalities that happens to your body. If you think that there’s something wrong then you should see the doctor immediately.

2. Heart disease

Another disease that is just as bad as cancer. The common heart diseases and conditions are pericardium disease, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and etc. One of the risk factors associated with these diseases and conditions is stress. Of course, the main factor that is causing the stress is the modern way of life that is riddled with knowingly and unknowingly stressful situations. When there’s stress, pressure comes along with mood swings and if you’re someone who can control your own emotions then there’s nothing to worry about. However, there are other factors that could cause heart diseases such as genetics – when someone in the family also has heart disease or if you’re someone who likes eating fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods, rarely exercises, occasionally has chest pain, chest discomfort when doing activities that required lots of movements and gets tired easily, with some potentially experiencing light-headedness and fainting.

3. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is caused by the increasing force that the blood exerts against the wall of the arteries, which is caused by the higher pumping rate of the heart. Over time, this extra pressure can damage the arteries making the wall thicker and more vulnerable to narrowing. Usually, the average blood pressure is 90-119/60-79 mmHg There are 2 types of people who’s at risk of getting high blood pressure disease. 1. Those whose blood pressure is higher than 140/90 mmHg and those whose blood pressure is higher than 160/100 mmHg. So how scary is the disease? The disease is dangerous because once you have it, you are at a higher risk of getting other deathly diseases like stroke or kidney disease. If you start getting dizziness, chest pain, palpitations and chronic headaches without an actual cause, do not leave it for too long because you might be at risk of getting high blood pressure and you should see the doctor immediately to avoid getting other diseases too.

4. Diabetes

If you do not have the correct eating habits, like sweet and high fat foods and rarely exercise, you might be at risk of getting diabetes. Diabetes is as popular as cancer and heart disease. The cause of diabetes is from the malfunction of the pancreas which then causes the insufficient production of the insulin hormones and therefore resulting in high sugar levels in the blood stream. Those who are at risk of getting diabetes have the early symptoms like frequent urination, easily tired, exhaustion, drink more water than usual, unexplained weight loss and are easily wounded. If you think you are at risk you should immediately see the doctor to find a way to lower the sugar levels in your body by first, not having too much dessert after every meal.

5. Obesity

Obesity is the cause of various chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, bone and joint disease, snoring and sleep apnea – which all have originated from bad eating habits. People in the modern society choose convenience, food that is fast, easy, convenient are mostly carbohydrate and fried foods and other foods that have a high level of fat, higher than what the body needs. Some people skip breakfast and focuse on dinner and snacks all day and rarely exercise.

Actually, there are other diseases that people don’t want to have and to be safe, you should do a yearly check-up to re-check your body, as most people overlook this. Mostly people only see the doctor when they feel sick, but you can actually see the doctor for a check-up in order to prevent anything bad from happening to your health. If a deathly disease is found early, there’s a high chance of curing it. We should look after ourselves now by having enough sleep and eating healthy food for better overall health.

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