5 Ways to keep away from Critical Diseases

Digital 4.0 era is the time where everyone is overworked, always in a rush, and everything is a competition. This makes everyone stress and paranoid, which can then lead to them having critical diseases. Bad eating habits, like consuming junk food is also the cause of critical diseases. These are the 5 critical diseases that we should know about.

1. Cancer. Cancer is the disease that took away the lives of 90% of the people who has it. If the cancer is found early, it might be curable, but if found too late then it is less likely that it can be cured. Cancer can be found in everyone, all genders and ages. Liver cancer is usually found in men, and breast cancer is a common type of cancer found in women. Cancer is caused by the abnormal cells in the body, and those cells grow very quickly until it becomes impossible to cure. Those cells then spread throughout the body, which then makes all the normal cells fail to function properly.

2. Heart disease. Some people are born with the heart disease but some develop the disease later on. The heart disease that was developed later on can be caused by many factors, some are from the familiar diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Another disease that may seem unimaginable is a rheumatic heart disease, which is caused by the rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever is caused by an infection from a type of bacteria, which cause the inflammation in the throat. If the inflammation continues without any treatment, it could affect various organs such as joints, brain, skin and especially the heart, because it could lead to having the valvular heart disease permanently. If you’re someone who doesn’t really look after your health, then you have a higher risk of having the heart disease than someone who looks after their health well. So now, are we ready to exercise?

3. Myasthenia Gravis. Myasthenia Gravis is not a disease that you can detect immediately, there are many symptoms that are similar to a lot of diseases. However, if your eyelids are starting to fall, having difficultly chewing or having trouble talking, we suggest you see a doctor immediately.

4. Stroke. Stroke can be caused by 2 factors, one is by blood clots and the other is from high blood pressure.

5. Acute Asthma Attack. A lot of us have to carry an inhaler especially for the Acute Asthma Attack. The inhaler is used when you are suffering from asthma, or Airway Obstruction, each person could experience different symptoms. The key to reducing asthmatic symptoms are to avoid contact with dusts, animal furs and pollen.

All of the critical diseases mentioned above can happen on its own or it can be caused by our actions.

So, what are the health knowledge that we should know in order to stay away from these diseases.

There are many ways to keep healthy and away from the critical diseases. Here are some simple tips that you can easily do to keep you healthy:

- Drink enough water, the amount should be suitable for your body. Drinking water can reduce the risk of cancer, especially bladder cancer and colon cancer. Also, drinking enough water can also wash out the cancer cells in the body.

- Eating healthy food such as green fruits and vegetables will prevent abnormalities in cell division, which is the cause of cancer.

- Exercise regularly, just around 30 – 35 minutes daily, will improve the immune system and stabilize the hormonal balance in the body.

- You should not consume more than 2,400 mg of salty food per day because It could be harmful to the stomach lining and could lead to the kidney disease.

- Do not neglect the pain symptoms you are getting, if you are getting repeated pains in the same spots, you should see a doctor as it could be a warning from your body for critical diseases.

We would like to suggest another way to keep you away from the critical diseases, apart from what we mentioned in this article, is to buy the critical diseases insurance. This is because critical diseases are sometimes unexpected, by the time we find out, it’s too late to prevent it. However, insurance cover many diseases and the insurance premium can also be used for tax deductions.

Critical diseases are uncontrollable, but your ‘happiness’ can be protected. Start looking after your health today for a better health in the future.

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