Retirees need to pay attention to these 10 habits

“Old ... can hurt even you say softly”, this statement shows exactly how retiree feel. After your retirement, “Health” can turn to be more difficult to take care and unexpectedly make you down while you suppose to enjoy your life with other great factors.

Unable to say “NO” that the sickness gradually shows during retirement. It is often caused by individual lifestyle and your habits in the past. Until these solutions have been found by DR. BOONCHAI ISRAPISIT to change your habits with 10 rules as follow;

5 To-do lists
1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables half of your meal. Minimize your carb. Eat brown rice instead of white rice (30 years old: two rice ladle, 40 years old: 1.5 rice ladle, 50 years old: 1 rice ladle, more than 60 years: half rice ladle).
2. Update, health care and other knowledge that you are interested. Train yourself to have fun when learning new things all the time.
3. Exercise 30 minutes a day, for example; speed walking or arm swinging to get sweat and reduce kidney trouble.
4. Sleep at least 4 hours, especially during 22 hrs. to 2 hrs. This is the best time to get Melatonin hormones that make you drowsy to get better sleep quality and forcing the body to secrete growth hormone for body repairing.
5. Positive idea. Think positively and do well.

5 prohibited lists
1. Stop drinking cow's milk. Recommend to drink soy milk that will be able to help your body get protein from grains and reduce the causes of allergies
2. Reduce sugar intake. The body has only half a teaspoon of sugar in the blood and it is enough to produce sugar efficiently. .
3. Focus on eating fish, shellfish, and shrimp instead of meat (the mammal). That is hard to digest and accelerate growth by injecting chemicals or residues to eat red meat.
4. No Trans Fat or Transform FAT. You should use olive oil or coconut oil instead.
5. Do not be a pessimistic person. Think positively.

Changing behavior is significant. If we can control the cause of sickness, so it does not require any cost and time for any treatment. Then you can spend more time enjoying with your beloved ones as long as you wish.

According to data from the DR. BOONCHAI ISRAPISIT, the physician experienced directly with serious diseases caused by lifestyle habits, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, hepatitis and being the author of the book series ... “Conquer the disease without drugs”.

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