Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility (CR) at Krungthai-AXA Life


As a financial services company, many of our impacts on society are linked not to our own "production" processes, but to our choice of suppliers, from purchasing paper to contracting service providers for insurance claims. In making these choices, we integrate social and environmental criteria in the selection and management of our suppliers.


Krungthai-AXA Life's responsibility towards our shareholders includes ensuring the long-term viability of the company through sound and transparent corporate governance and a culture of business ethics, supported by Krungthai-AXA Life's Standards and Code of Ethics. Acknowledging the impact our business has on society at large, we also strive to integrate social and environmental issues into our governance, risk management processes, and investment strategy.


Krungthai-AXA Life promotes responsible customer relations through clear and transparent communication and marketing of our products, and by managing the claims processes responsibly. We offer insurance, savings and investment products and services which also encourage and reward environmentally responsible behaviours, as well as help reduce social exclusion.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Krungthai-AXA Life strives to play a positive role in society, by building a culture that promotes employee volunteering, and through corporate giving to support the communities in which we operate.
We are also committed to sharing our business expertise by helping to build better understanding of the risks faced by individuals and society at large.


Krungthai-AXA Life strives to be a responsible employer, placing employee engagement at the heart of its business strategy. Achieving this means creating a workplace built on AXA's Values that fosters diversity and equal opportunities for all, promotes employee participation, encourages professional development, and supports
employee well-being.


Krungthai-AXA Life is committed to reducing its direct impact on the environment by actively managing our waste, emissions, and our consumption of natural resources. We are also aware of the role we can play in promoting environmental awareness amongst our stakeholders, contributing to improve the understanding of global environmental risks, and committing to support the fight against climate change and other environmental
protection efforts.