5 diseases in rainy season that you should be aware of

After having coped with an extreme heat for months, we are now entering to one of our favorite seasons, a rainy season, since it does not only cool down the constant heat we have experienced, but also revives such refreshing greenery vibe wherever we look. But watch out! In those wet muddy areas lie the hidden dangers as humidity are one of major factors nurturing a host of infectious diseases. Besides, Thailand is not a clean country, but full of garbage and puddles in many areas. To protect ourselves from the unwanted illness, we should get to know these 5 diseases caused during rainy season.

1. Leptospirosis

This is a bacterial disease that affects both humans and animals. In humans, it can be caused when people come into contact with soil, water, or food contaminated with urine, blood, or tissue of the infected animal. The carriers of the disease can be a rat, a cow, a buffalo, a pig, or even a dog. Its symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches especially on calf and thigh, and vomiting. For some cases, the symptoms can be severe including meningitis, liver and kidney malfunction, or even death.

Prevention: Avoid a puddle on a street since it may be contaminated by animal urine. If you have to walk past it, wear water repellent boots. Don’t wear shorts and don’t let this type of water comes into contact with your eyes, ears, or mouth.

2. Flu

This disease is caused by a virus through respiratory system. A common fever is normal but when it comes to a flu during a rainy season, the complication such as pneumonia may occur. This can cause deadly consequence, especially in children, elderly people, patients with chronic disease, and those who have weakened immune system or take immunosuppressive drugs.

Prevention: Wash hands every time you go to a toilet or arrive home, do not stay in confined area, and wear a mask whenever you have weakened immunity.

3. Diarrhea

This disease often occurs during rainy season as food or water maybe contaminated, contributing to the infection in the digestive system. The symptom of diarrhea is watery, liquid stools. Other symptoms may include fever or stomach cramps. If there is blood in stools, you may assume that you have developed dysentery.

Prevention: Have thoroughly cooked, and steaming-hot food, always use serving spoons, wash hands frequently, and never use other people’s cutlery or utensils.

4. Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease

This disease is a contagious viral infection. The illness spreads by person-to-person contact with infected person’s nasal secretions, saliva, and stool. The symptoms may start with 2-4 days of fever, muscle pain, and painful, red, blister-like lesion on the tongue, gum, and inside of the cheeks, the palms and soles. After that, the red rash may develop into blisters. Sometimes, the blisters may burst open. In some cases, the severe complications may occur, for example, meningitis, encephalitis, paralysis, myocarditis, or even death.

Prevention: Have thoroughly cooked, and steaming-hot food, don’t use other people’s items, wash hands once in contact with nasal secretions, saliva and immediately wash poop-stained clothes.

5. Dengue Fever

This disease is caused by Aedes mosquitoes which love water and humidity. Besides, the disease can be found with encephalitis and malaria. The first stage of the symptoms can include 2-7 days of a fever and muscle aches. After that, the fever will drop. Hands and feet will become cold. Shock may occur in some patients.

Prevention: Avoid the areas full of mosquitoes, use a mosquito repellent, sleep inside a mosquito net, don’t take aspirin since it may cause bleeding disorder which is very harmful.

Since nowadays conditions and situations greatly change, many new diseases, such as influenza A and B, occur. Apart from taking enough sleep, eating healthy, working out regularly in order to protect yourself in the long run, you can consider a health insurance to lighten your financial burden caused by any sudden illness.

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