Details and knowledge about premium insurance that you should know

Saving money is very important, and it is a matter that needs extra care and attention. But we often find uncontrolled problems that come into play, causing our wallets to not be able to hold on to our money.

Even though we often manage our money carefully but the thing that makes us loose our savings without avoiding is our health. We cannot plan when we are going to get sick, “The uncertainty about our health is the certain thing that can happen to us at any time”
Even though today many Thais are starting to care more about their health, which can be seen through the trends and popularity of working out. Whether, it would be going to the fitness, running marathons, triathlons, and cycling. It is a very admirable thing to take care of your health and keep strong, which helps prevent sickness and diseases. Although, we take good care of ourselves it doesn’t mean that we can’t get sick. Because other than our bodies, there are many other factors that can lead to us getting sick. If we’re unlucky and get sick, Health Insurance may be a very important thing for us because;

1. Having great health isn’t a “guarantee” that we would not get seriously ill or having to spend a night at the hospital. Although the chances are slim, but if we get unlucky, the damages and loss that could happen are devastating.

2. The quality and treatment procedure in a private hospital is better than a public hospital. But it comes with a higher price that looks to be increasing every year. If we have no health insurance we might have to bear with the very expensive hospital fees, which might affect the stability of our savings and the financial goals that we have set.

3. There are many risky factors out of our control in our everyday lives that might lead to “serious diseases” such as cancer, heart diseases, and strokes. Once it happens our health will deteriorate along with loosing massive amounts of money in treatments. That’s why life insurance is critical to reduce the risk of the above.

4. Even though we stay strong and healthy but chances of an “accident” is something we cannot foresee. Sometimes it might not be us but others who are careless which may lead to us having to be admitted in the hospital in case of serious accidents just like serious diseases

5. If we need to be treated and admitted in the hospital for a lengthy period of time, we will lack income while having to pay for hospital fees. Having compensation income from health insurance can help a lot.

As you can see, having a strong and healthy body can only “reduce” the chances of getting sick but it may not “erase” the risk of sickness and the damages that come with it. If you want to save money with ease and you don’t want any interruptions in your financial plans, having insurance can be an interesting choice for reducing these risks. Health insurance is not only for the weak and unhealthy people that has a higher chance of being hospitalized, if you want to learn more about health insurance and serious diseases insurance you can click on the following link

Because in truth, applying for health insurance and also serious disease insurance are not for it to occur frequently. So if an unexpected illness hit us, we can be confident and positive that it will not affect the stability in our lives especially crucial matters like our finances.

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The new definition of Critical Illness insurance

that covers up to 100 critical illnesses from early to intermediate to severe stages, allows multiple claims of up to 6 times sum assured, and assures that your policy will remain in effect even when diagnosed with a critical illness.


  • Coverage of up to 100 illnesses from early to severe stages
  • Multiple claim benefit of up to 5 times sum assured
  • Additional 10 juvenile illnesses (total of 6 times sum assured for children aged 1 month - 18 years old)