Protect Yourself! 5 Habits to Kick During Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 situation first arose last year, many of us have become accustomed to so-called ‘new normal’ behaviors. What with the pandemic, we all need to be especially mindful of health and hygiene in our daily lives, from frequent hand-washing to wearing a face mask and keeping a safe distance from others.

And yet there are still several other ways the virus can spread, of which we may be less aware. In fact, the Covid-19 virus can easily enter the body through eyes or mouth or any wound, especially if we’re constantly touching them with our hands (yes, even after we’ve washed them, residual viruses and germs can remain).

With this in mind, we’ve put together 5 habits we recommend you to kick in order to reduce your risk of contracting the dreaded disease.

Rubbing Your Eyes

If you feel an itch around your eyes, and the urge to rub them, be sure to first wash your hands thoroughly with soap or clean them with sanitizer. Then, cover your eyes with a tissue to prevent direct contact, and gently roll over the eye area.

Peeling Your Lips

When your lips are dry to the point of peeling, it can be hard to resist picking off those chapped bits of skin. However, besides damaging your lips this can also increase chances of infection. It’s easy for our hands to come into contact with the virus and then cause it to enter the body through our saliva. If you’ve been experiencing dried lips, it’s recommended that you keep them moisturized and hydrated with a lip balm throughout the day. Drinking enough water can also keep your lips from drying while also helping you stay healthy.


It can be incredibly tempting to pop your pimples in the hope of restoring your smooth complexion. However, squeezing pimples is the main cause of inflammation and facial scarring. Moreover, much worse than that, it can increase your risk of contracting Covid-19. By prodding your pimples you create open wounds and risk infecting yourself with hostile bacteria or viruses. Instead of picking your pimples, treat the acne with a medication or acne patches. This will also reduce scaring of your face.

Scratching Your Scars Or Wounds

Similarly to squeezing pimples, our hands are a major source of germs, so touching open wounds with them can lead to infection. Picking at or irritating existing scabs can also increase chances of contracting Covid-19. It can also cause inflammation and bleeding and allow puss to form.

Eating With Your Hands

While certain foods — such as pizzas, hamburgers, and snacks — are best eaten with your hands, touching your food can be another route to Covid-19 infection. Even when you wash your hands thoroughly, it’s very difficult to ensure that they’re completely clean. Best to avoid eating with your hands and opt instead to use clean cutlery.

Indeed, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, these habits should all be avoided. Aside from the risk of introducing potentially toxic germs into your body, they can also cause serious inflammation. So, for the sake of your health and ensuring you stay disease-free and safe, always keep a high guard and steer clear of all such behaviors.