5 reasons never to miss your annual health check-up

A lot of people still doubt the importance of having an annual health check-up and wonder if it’s worth the bother. In fact, regular health check-ups are very important. Here are five reasons why.

1. Ever-present pollution can increasingly impact your health over time

Pollution inevitably impacts our health, particularly air pollution particles that are 2.5 microns or less in diameter (PM2.5) which in Bangkok have exceeded the standard level for many years. The particles steadily accumulate into our body and impact our long-term health. The organs that directly suffer the most are our lungs. But an annual check-up surveys the changes brought about by toxins and indicates where aversive action can be taken to minimize the risk of contracting serious illness from air and other types of pollution.

2. Watch out for the silent killer diseases that don’t initially show symptoms

Some diseases don’t even show symptoms once the disorder has begun. In many other cases, symptoms only become evident when the disease has reached a critical stage or spread. One such is the dreaded cancer. So annual health check-ups are necessary for people of all ages. When a health check reveals an abnormality, the situation can be assessed and treated accordingly in a timely manner.

3. Get an up-to-date snapshot of our physical condition

An annual health check-up gives us a detailed readout of our current physical condition, including a blood count and blood sugar and blood lipid levels. Regular annual checkups tell us how our body has changed over the past year and alerts us to taking any necessary corrective steps.

4. Recognize what to do and what lifestyle adjustments to make

The readings from the health check-up indicate what lifestyle can be adjusted to make to improve our health. For instance, if our blood sugar levels are high, we should reduce refined sugar consumption. Adjustments to be made can include food choices, meal portion size, and exercise. It all points to the most appropriate way to take care for our body and safeguard our health.

5. Accentuating cure potential by early detection

These days, “Preventive Medicine” – doing what it takes to avoid disease and decline – is highlighted by the medical profession as the best form of therapy. After that, the sooner the cause of a disease is found, the higher the chances of cure. This is especially true in the cases of all forms of cancer. The sooner cancer cells are found, the easier and more effective the remedial treatment is likely to be.

Bottom line: sticking with your annual check-up schedule is an essential element in maintaining good health. It also enables us to catch problems soonest, so they stand the best chance of being cured.


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