6 Ways to Banish Quarantine Boredom

Perhaps you’ve come in close contact with someone who has Covid-19, or are at risk of contracting the virus in some other way? Or perhaps you can’t avoid having to go abroad or travel upcountry? One way or another, many of us find ourselves having to suddenly self-quarantine in the face of the global pandemic. Trouble is, staying in constantly can easily give rise to feelings of boredom and loneliness. Understanding how you might feel, we’d like to suggest six activities you can do besides your work to help make life in quarantine more bearable – and perhaps even pleasurable!


Quarantine can be a great opportunity to really get to grips with your health goals. There are plenty of easy ways to get fit and firm in the comfort of your home. No need to invest in expensive equipment either. Whether cardio, yoga, Pilates or weight training, you can easily find a YouTube channel giving instructions so you can simply follow along. Not only is this a great way to build body strength but it should also make life under lockdown quite fun.

Watch A Movie

Many of us accumulate long lists of movies and shows we’ve always wanted to see. The quarantine period is a golden opportunity for actually watching a few of those films and series. Consider it a well-deserved way to rest, recharge and keep those quarantine blues at bay.

Read a Book, Listen to a Podcast

Having to self-quarantine is also almost a blessing for avid bookworms. Now, at last, you have ample time on your hands to get to grips with that reading list. Or if you prefer, you can download any number of audiobooks. Another good option is podcasts which cover an enormous variety of content, ranging from marketing savvy to philosophy and from nutrition to the mystical. A great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while you do other things like cooking or the cleaning.

Take an Online Class & Learn Something New

Quarantine offers a good opportunity to pursue self-development and try new things. Why not expand your knowledge with online learning? As you already probably know, the internet is an astonishing source of information. Pick up a new skill such as drawing, a foreign language, or a musical instrument. Or brush up your knowledge to help with your career. Perhaps you could develop your marketing and presentation skills or learn how to write code. The range of online courses available, including many offered by some of the world’s most eminent educational institutes, is ‘virtually’ limitless.

Facetime or VDO Call Your Loved Ones

While the Covid-19 situation has forced us to distance ourselves from family and friends, technology can bring us closer to our loved ones through ‘facetime’ or VDO calls. Still being able to enjoy face-to-face conversations makes staying alone much less lonely. Moreover, some of those video applications come with all sorts of filters and gimmicks that add color and amusement to the chats.

Take a break from a tiring day’s work to relax, refresh your senses and develop a new skill. These activities will not only help you conquer boredom during your self-isolation but also elevate your experience.