Low risk, high return, worry free? Can-do when you invest in insurance

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, unforeseen life events can hit you and your family at anytime. Only if we’re properly prepared can we take it all in our stride. The solution for many people is to sort out a stable investment. The only problem is that investments always come with risk and, as a rule, the higher the return, the higher the risk. However, life insurance gives you a better option for building stability: low risk, high return.

Here are six reasons investing in life insurance is the most attractive solution to the quandary:

1. No need to pay a lump-sum

Investments usually require putting in significant sums up-front in order to receive respectable returns. On the other hand, life insurance investments let you select the policy terms that suit your needs, including various premium payment options such as monthly, quarterly or semiannually. This way you start building stability right away without any heavy initial deposit.

2. Tax deductible

Those who have life insurance with proof of premium payment are eligible for personal income tax deduction of up to 100,000 baht a year for ordinary life insurance policies and up to 200,000 baht for pension policies.

3. Coverage

Investing in life insurance not only gives you a way to accumulate wealth for the future but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be fine if the unexpected happens. You can rest assured that your insurance investment will protect you and your family. Moreover, investing in health insurance will help you out in times of illness, covering medical expenses and providing daily earnings compensation during any hospitalization.

4. Long-term return on investment

Investing in savings insurance is a consistent, long-term investment formula with the added benefit of cultivating effective, regular savings discipline. At maturity, you as the insured, receives all the returns and benefits specified in your policy. Another advantage is that, as and when necessary, you can apply for a loan at low interest rate on the cash surrender value of your policy. It’s all there to help you plan a safe and secure future for yourself and your loved ones for all the years to come.

5. Professionals manage your investment for you

Who has either the time or the expertise to actually manage investments? Very few of us. Fortunately, though, when you invest in life insurance, the insurance company’s professional team manages the details in such a way as to secure maximum benefits for you. All the while, you can track what’s happening and check details through the company's channels or your insurance agent. You can always rest assured that your investment is safe. Should an emergency arise, contacts at the insurance company are there to help you and ensure that good care is taken of you and your family. In other words, peace of mind is all yours to enjoy.