6 Family Activities in the Covid Era

Home is always a place to soothe our hearts and never more so than during holidays and weekends when family members have more time for each other. Doing fun activities together gives us positive energy, relieves stress, and fills us with happiness. So, make sure to always find time to do activities with your loved ones. Here are six activities we recommend to enjoy at home.

1. Creating Special Menus

The Covid-19 situation has given many people an opportunity to discover their hidden culinary and pastry skills. Naturally, it’s even more fun when family members gather together, cooking as a family to prepare special menus. It feels great to spend quality time together, preparing the ingredients, cooking, and plating. Better yet, while everyone’s eating, happiness can be shared through warm conversation.

2. Gardening

Cultivating plants has long been a popular family pastime. Indoors, we can grow plants that not only beautify the surrounds but also help purify the air. Moreover, beautiful flowers make the garden more colorful. Tending your plants, watering them, and giving them fertilizer also gives you a little exercise. What’s more, when gardening outdoors anytime from morning to late afternoon, you will get vitamin D from sunlight which you need to strengthen your bones.

3. Enjoying Music Together

Families that love music should have a room for everyone to spend time together playing their instruments, enjoying recorded music, singing karaoke, or choosing content from YouTube or various applications to watch together on the big screen. It’s another shared activity that always brings happiness.

4. Board Games

Another activity that can be enjoyed together is playing board games – a kind of detox from digital. There are lots of board game themes; games of hints, catching wrong images, spies, adversaries, adventures, business planning, and many more. Besides being fun, these games relieve stress from work and our digital devices. In some cases, they also give us a chance to train our brains and give family members new knowledge.

5. Online Movies and Series

Thanks to all the applications available from lots of service providers, watching online movies and series is another popular form of entertainment these days. Family members get to spend time together and there’s something for everyone. Besides having fun viewing, the family can discuss different content and share the ideas they spark.

6. Big Cleaning Day!

You may think that housework is boring. However, if you do it with your family, it can be quite fun. Indeed, some families choose to make a big cleaning day an opportunity to spend quality time together. Besides, cleaning the house and making it more pleasant to live in, everyone in the family gets a bit of exercise, which is good for health.