Seven easy ways to lose weight without even exercising!

In the Covid-19 pandemic era, so many of us have to work at home and be glued to the computer screen all day long: a perfect storm for putting on weight. So here are seven easy ways to stay in shape, even without exercising (which of course is good too!).

1. Reduce intake of sweet foods

Savory foods, fruit juices, carbonated beverages and tea and coffee, depending on how you like yours, all contain a lot of sugar. So, avoid foods with sugar and don’t add sugar to drinks. Switch to less sugary or sugar-free drinks. Start with drinks with less sugar and gradually reduce to zero sugar. Your body will naturally adjust and at the end of the day, you will actually prefer less sugar. As a general rule, you shouldn’t consume more than six teaspoons or 24 grams of sugar daily. Your waistline will appreciate it.

2. Reduce intake of oily and fried foods

Over-eating fat is bound to be bad for your health. Unfortunately, the stir-fries we so love from our favorite food shops are rather fatty. Indeed, all fried foods are afloat in fatty oils. So, it’s best to avoid fatty foods and switch instead to boiled, stewed or steamed menus. Plus cutting back on fried and other high-fat foods reduces the risk of diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and others. That’s on top of helping you keep your weight down.

3. Keep a journal of what you eat

Frequent and over-eating causes the body to get more nutrition than it can use. But if we keep a record of what we eat in a notebook or on our mobile or with our camera, it puts us back in control. Making use of various applications enables you to calculate the calories in each food so you can track and control how many calories you let pass your lips on a daily basis.

4. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water helps our body work better. It also keeps us from feeling hungry when we really don’t need to eat. Other liquids are more of a problem, however. Sugary drinks make us fat. If you crave something flavorful, opt for a drink that uses a sweetener instead of sugar or, better still, a sugar-free drink. Then you can sip away without worrying about the sugar content and, consequently, your waistline.

5. Up the volume of fruits and veggies in your diet

Fruits and vegetables are not only low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals but they make you feel full faster. Moreover, they contain valuable fiber that helps moderate blood sugar levels, aids digestion, and counters constipation. The recommendation is to consume two servings of vegetables with each meal and one or two servings of fruit. Also recommended is to involve all five fruit colors – violet, green, red, yellow/orange and white – as that will ensure you cover the broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and whatnot.

6. Get enough rest

Sleeping enough makes you feel fresh and look bright. It also helps your body regulate its sugar levels and control your weight. Lack of sleep lowers the concentrations of precious hormones produced by glands such as the thyroid. In addition, lower sex hormones stimulate appetite. Those who sleep less feel hungry more often and also tend to choose more high-calorie foods.

7. Cook your own food

Eating out and ordering in doesn’t let us limit the amount of oil, sugar and sodium (salt) in our food. When we cook ourselves, we can choose low-fat, quality ingredients and limit the involvement of oily foods and salty seasonings.

So even if you can’t make time to exercise, by practicing these seven easily-adopted habits, you’ll stay in shape, enjoy better health and stand less chance of dicing with several diseases.


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