How to avoid getting hyperlipidemia by eating

Are you currently neglecting looking after your health? By eating without thinking about calories or fat received and only caring about taste can actually have more consequences than you think. Especially working people, either office workers or those who own their own business, have limited resting time. The main factor to health neglection is time limitation, as most people spend most of their time working and not enough time to choose the food they consume wisely, and mostly just choose whatever that’s convenient for them. The most popular choice among working people is, of course, fast food because it’s convenient, fast and looks delicious, especially famed drinks like bubble tea as it’s very hard to resist because it looks so tasty.

What about exercising for better health? By letting your body work hard all year, that’s very dangerous because as you get older, you are at a higher risk of getting diseases. It’s time to look after your health, especially those who like fried foods or processed foods – are at higher risk of getting hyperlipidemia or in other word hypercholesterolemia. Let’s have a look at the 5 recommended menus to lower the amount of fat in the blood for the better health.

1. Soy Bean is one of the most popular menu when talking about going on a diet. Soy Milk with less sugar to no sugar, is a great choice, especially among women. This is because there’s unsaturated fat in the soy bean, which helps reduce the cholesterol level in the body and lowers the risk of getting heart disease and hyperlipidemia. It is also a great choice for diabetics as it can also reduce the sugar level in blood.

2. Tea, another popular drink that tastes delicious and is also good for your health, especially the non-sweet tea. The tea we recommend would be white tea as it contains antioxidants and also helps reduce fat. However, you should not add milk or cream into your tea but if you still need some sweetness, add no more than 2 teaspoons of sugar.

3. Straw Mushroom is many people’s favorite and it tastes even better when it’s in the Tom Yum Soup. Straw Mushroom is great at reducing fat in the blood vessels, as well as maintaining the heart as it helps stimulate and improve blood circulation. Moreover, it can help keep your body warn in the cold, as well as reduce the cholesterol level and maintain good body balance.

4. Black Pepper is something we are familiar with, however, we do not recommend it for those who cannot eat spicy food. Black pepper is more pungent than other peppers but it helps with digestion as it contains an important extract called piperine. Piperine reduces the absorption of cholesterol from small intestine into the blood stream. It helps stimulate the gastric juice in the stomach, the process itself already burns the fat, therefore black pepper is a good choice for fat reduction.

5. Almonds have high plant cholesterol, which is the substance that has a similar structure with cholesterol found in plants only such as vegetable oils and other various types of nuts. Plant cholesterol prevents bad fat absorbing into the body, as well as reducing the risk of getting the heart disease. Eating 1 handful of almonds per day can reduce cholesterol in the blood. It is time for us to look after our health, as it’s not too late.

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