Easy saving plan for salary earners

According to the research of Citigroup report that in next 10 years, the number of bankers will be decreased around 30% because of internet. Nobody needs to queue at bank anymore

Wall Street analysts, one of the high income occupations may feel unsecure in their jobs because of the computer capability that will be able to access and run the report in a few minutes.

Advantages of the technology are to help you work easier until the company might not need to use "you" at all in the end. However, what will the salary earners do if tomorrow there will be no more jobs?

It should not be good to solve this classic trouble once it happened. Many textbooks taught you to make a plan. We believe that many salary men are still undecided and do not know how to start up properly. Today we have the answer.

How to save / invest

1. Deposits with banks
Choose either saving account or fixed deposit account.
• Deposit - withdrawal on demand.
• High liquidity
• Minimal risk
• Low returns (interest) up to moderate rate.
2. Stock Trading
Potential growth benefit more than the bank but high risk investment
• Accessibility, anytime of day and night trading
• High risk with big return
• Risky venture
• Follow up stock market closely
3. Buying Life Insurance
Saving money for future unexpected situation.
• Tax deductible
• High return
• Risk cover life and family
• Long term investment may be needed.
4. Buying LTF / RMF
Long-term investment and getting tax deductible
• Tax deductible
• Relatively good returns
• Low risk
• Long-term investment is necessary.
5. Buying Mutual Funds
As the policy, there is a fund manager who takes care
• Risk Reduction
• Take care by professional broker
• Relatively good returns
• Fluctuation interest
6. Real Estate Investment
Property investment for future speculation that depends on locations
• Relatively good returns
• Future speculation
• Lack of Liquidity
• Huge investment

No one knows what the future will be. Somehow the preparation for every step of your life is not difficult and can be manageable. The habit of saving money requires discipline and a clear plan. Let you try to save and invest on your own. For better future, we know the reason to work harder today.

Wish all salary earners come across your life crisis beautifully.

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