Saving for success
in wealth management

Saving for success in wealth management

To increase financial value and Protect your family’s wealth for many generations to come

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  • Easy to invest with regular premium; Investing regularly and continuously which provides greater investment protection.
  • Flexible investment and protection ratio; Adjust your premium for investment and protection to get preferable return and protection.
  • Greater benefit with Loyalty Bonus after the 6th policy year as 0.2% of past 12 months’ average redemption value, annually, Starting from the end of 6th policy year
  • Look after your wealth with more protection on Death benefit as 120% of redemption value or 120% of sum assured, whichever is higher.
  • More saving more return by savings increment with lump sum top-up.
  • Managed by fund manager with leading mutual funds; Well selected mutual fund with expert fund managers.
  • Valuable legacy and tax deductible; Specify the beneficiary and policy charges can deduct tax.

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