When the ILP not only focus investment itself

This is the adjustment to ILP characteristic that not only consider on the wealth management with the flexibility of the insurance plan that give you the choice and adjust the coverage based on your personal lifestyle.

Why iLink

More than life protection with the UDR additional riders. The best of protection aspect which design specifically for iLink.

“Worry free, with the UDR additional riders which design specifically for iLink with more coverage of protection, able to manage and premium payment plan easily”

CriticalLink UDR
• Maximum coverage at 200% of the sum assured. • Covers 70 critical illness conditions in minor stage and major stage. • Receive special additional benefits if detected 3 specific diseases. 1. Invasive Cancer 2. Acute myocardial infarction from ischemia 3. Stroke (a blocked artery (ischemic stroke) or bursting of a blood vessel (hemorrhagicstroke).
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• Coverage If the insured becomes a person with a total permanent disability whether from accidents or illnesses. • Pay the coverage with lump sum benefit at 100% of the sum assured. • Secure the happiness with maximum coverage at 100 million baht.
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Interested iLink

Insurance conditions

iLink (Unit linked)
Issued Age : 1 month - 70 Years
Premium Payment Period : Until age 85
Coverage Period : Until age 85

CriticalLink (UDR)
Issued Age : 1 month - 70 Years
Premium Payment Period : Until age 85
Coverage Period : Until age 85

Issued Age : 1 month - 70 Years
Premium Payment Period : Until age 80
Coverage Period : Until age 80


• Terms and conditions of coverage is stated in the insurance policy and terms or criteria of the company.
• Terms and conditions of increasing UDR coverage / increasing or decreasing coverage / minimum and maximum sum assured / increasing investment with lump sum top-up premium / withdrawal will follow company criteria.
• Maximum sum assured 280 times of regular protection premium only life coverage part does not include Target premium for female age 1 month – 20 years old standard health only.
• Insurance acceptance depends on terms and underwriting rule of the company.
• Personal income tax deduction
• Premium charge, administration fee and cost of insurance (COI) can be deducted from personal income tax maximum not more than 100,000 baht according to Announcement of the Director-General of the Revenue Department (Issue 172).
• Cost of rider (COR) (if any) only the part that meets conditions can be deducted from personal income tax according to Revenue Department.
• This information is only preliminary for presentation purposes only. The insured should study and understand the documents supporting the offer, including company criteria before deciding to get insurance every time. Once the policy has been received, please study the terms and conditions in the policy including exclusions that are not covered by insurance products.
• Investment linked life insurance is not a deposit, there is a risk of investment and there is no guarantee of the investment capital. The insured applicant should study and understand the product characteristics, return conditions and risks, including studying and understanding the information in the mutual fund prospectus before deciding to get insurance and make investment decisions. Mutual fund performance may affect coverage period of the policy. (1 liked)