Because we wish to be a part of your health & financial success, we are proud to offer you Life Insurance policies that match your age, needs and your every goal whether it be retirement, health insurance and protection, savings and investment, or income protection - with personalised packages and coverage tailor made just for you.

Retirement Planning

Retirement will give you the time to pursue other interests that you are most passionate about. A plan, designed to build your wealth, will allow you to live retirement in comfort while having the cash reserves needed to enjoy the activities you love with family and friends.


Enjoy your savings when retire. Meet all your needs for retirement

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Guaranteed increasing cash payment. 0.1% of sum assured will be paid starting from the end of policy year 2. 0.1% of sum assured will be added each year until it reaches 1% (year 11), and 1% will be paid annually thereafter (until age 59)

Guaranteed payment at retirement. A lump sum payment will be paid when you reach age 60 as a gift for your retirement



Let your happiness continue in “Retirement”

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Options to start planning for your future after retirement: iRetire 1 - Single Premium Payment, iRetire 5 - 5-year-Premium payment

Up to 20% annuity of Sum assured (iRetire5), payable either monthly or annually to suit your needs

Tax Deduction Benefits Up to 200,000 baht*

Health & Disability

You want to have a peace of mind and to be protected at all times. A good life insurance plan gives you the much needed assurance that your family are financially taken care of should the unthinkable happen.


Worldwide Healthcare that meets all your needs

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Provide lump-sum coverage for in-patient treatments of up to maximum Bt100 million per year

Live a worry-free life from critical illness with Coverage for Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Kidney dialysis

Welcome Mommy to-be with coverage for pregnancy, childbirth, pre and post natal complications and newborn accommodation


iShield Extend the good times, with continuous critical illness cover. An alternative to help protect you and your family’s happiness from critical illness. Plan now, do not let critical illness devastate your life.

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Short premium payment period and level premium to support longer happier times

70 Critical illness covered by iShield, both early stage and major stage critical illness. 20 Early Stage Critical illnesses and50 Major Stage Critical illnesses

Basic policy premium is tax deductible (Subject to revenue department announcement)


The new definition of Critical Illness insurance that covers up to 100 critical illnesses from early to intermediate to severe stages, allows multiple claims of up to 6 times sum assured, and assures that your policy will remain in effect even when diagnosed with a critical illness.

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Coverage of up to 100 illnesses from early to severe stage

Multiple claim benefit of up to 5 times sum assured

Additional 10 juvenile illnesses (total of 6 times of sum assured for children aged 1 month - 18 years old)

Savings & Investments

It is never too early to build a solid financial foundation that you need to realise dreams of a bright future for yourself and your loved ones. We are here to help you get started with sound savings plans that will ensure your family’s financial security in the years ahead.


Tax Planning with a Short-Term Guaranteed Level Premium Life Insurance

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198% of sum insured value at policy maturity date

10 years protection for fixed rate 6 years premium payment

Tax Deduction : Enjoy the benefits from saving and tax deduction


iInvest is the answer to successful wealth management by saving as it has been designed to increase your monetary value and preserve your wealth at the same time for you to pass an endless wealth to your children.

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One time premium pay and investment can be increase any time after the first year

Bonus after 5 policy years (0.25% at the end of policy year 5 – 10 and 0.5% started at the end of policy year 11, the percentage calculated from average policy account in each year)

110% of onetime premium after withdrawals deduction (if any) for death benefit or 110% of policy account value whichever is greater


Because love is not only caring, but also the support them to grow safely, with accidental coverage, especially designed for children, critical illnesses in children, hospital indemnity and cover policy payment when unfortunate event happens to the parents, and lump sum of money for them when becoming 24, to support their post-graduate education.

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Total guaranteed benefits of up to 300% sum assured at until age 24 years old can be used as the education fund for your children (both bachelor and master studies)

Coverage on 18 critical illnesses and cash income benefit due to for hospital admission of your children

Accident protection for the children covers disability, burns, medical expenses including broken bones caused by accidents


A cost-effective way to save with additional protection coverage

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Easy planning for short-term saving 6 years of payment for 10 years of coverage

Total minimum benefit is 191% of sum assured

Additional benefits from policy dividends


Saving for success in wealth management: To increase financial value and Protect your family’s wealth for many generations to come

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Easy to invest with regular premium; Investing regularly and continuously which provides greater investment protection

Flexible investment and protection ratio; Adjust your premium for investment and protection to get preferable return and protection

Greater benefit with Loyalty Bonus after the 6th policy year as 0.2% of past 12 months’ average redemption value, annually, Starting from the end of 6th policy year

Income Protection

We understand that your protection needs may change as you and your family go through different life stages and we are committed to providing you the most suitable solutions along the journey. We want to give you and your family more peace of mind to focus on enjoying every moment knowing you are well-protected.


Because certainty can sometimes be uncertain "iProtect" leaves a heritage that ensures the future of your "loved ones".

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Coverage of up to 120 times sum assured from the first day of your premium payment

Minimum premium of hundreds per month (depending on age and gender of the insured)

Premium payment period from 5 years, or 10 years, or up to age 85

iProtect S

Show the one you love that you truly care with a gift of financial security Setting up your in heritance today with iProtect S to pass on financial security from generation to generation

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Coverage can be up to 31 times of your premium from the first day of your premium payment*

Build your millions baht inheritance from only 88 baht/day of premium*

Only 10 years of premium payment for protection up to age 85


Introducing the worthwhile our new all-inclusive insurance plan that offers life insurance and accident protection. Entry Applicable from as early as 20 years old – 59 years old with stable even premium payment for the whole coverage duration of 10 years of policy. Your policy will be extended Guaranteed next-year continual without considering past claims history.

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Life coverage up to 300,000 THB.

Additional death benefit caused by accident up to 3,000,000 THB and up to 6,000,000 THB for death due to accident in pulic conveyance

Coverage in case of loss of organs and sights up to 100% of sum insured. (See coverage table for more detail)

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