Jobs that 60+ years old can do to earn some income

When someone asks you how old you are, have you ever told them that you are a little younger than your actual age? Well don’t worry, we all do it because nobody wants to be old, especially those at the retired age. For those at the retired age, it is hard to stop working completely as they think that they are still able to work and do other things. However, with many limitations like the law and their health, they have to accept that they have to rest. However, by not working and being at home doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy or useless so we have a few recommendations for part-time jobs that are suitable for retirees!

7 coolest jobs for retirees.

1. Writer
This job is suitable for someone who likes to tell stories and likes writing them out. Anyone can do it, because writers can write reviews, articles or short stories. This job is perfect for retirees because of the rich experiences and knowledge they’ve gained.

2. Selling food or snacks
Many retirees like to cook and bake, some do it as their hobbies, and if they turn that hobby into a career, they will be able to earn some income. Selling food will probably earn the most income out of all other jobs we are recommending because in modern society, people usually buy food from outside rather than cooking for themselves at home. The most important thing is to choose the type of food or snack to cook that doesn’t require hard physical labour, otherwise you might end up being injured and having to pay more for your medical bills.

3. Tutor & Lecturer
You’ve been living life long enough to gain rich experiences and knowledge so let’s put it to good use by becoming a tutor or a special lecturer at schools. You will be able to share your knowledge and experiences with the next generation.

4. Selling DIY work and handmade products
How amazing would it be if the hobby you love becomes your new source of income? Art pieces and handmade products are another option for retirees who wish to stay home but don’t want to waste time doing nothing. Therefore, DIY work is something to consider and it also helps with concentration. Try choosing something you’re familiar with like flower arranging, crocheting or painting.

5. Buy property and rent it out
If you are a retiree and has some savings, you might want to consider buying some properties like buildings or apartments and rent it out to collect a monthly income. This is a low maintenance method of earning an income, suitable for those who are not in the best health condition as it doesn’t require much physical effort.

6. Grow vegetables
Instead of going to the supermarket for groceries, try planting, growing and selling your own vegetables. This way you will be able to earn some income, maybe not as much as your fulltime job but it could help reduce some expenses. The popular vegetables that people grow and sell are sapling sunflower, mushrooms, Chinese morning glory, coriander, spring onions as well as various salad vegetables such as red oak, green oak, lettuce and etc.

7. Invest in a stock market
Invest a little bit of your money in the stock market, just for fun. As you are in your retired years, you may think that the stock market is not for you because the risk of losing money is high. However, if you choose your stock thoroughly, you might be able to earn some income from it.

For those retirees who are looking for something to do, see which one you think is suitable for you and that you think you can stick to the longest. You can change your hobby into something that earns you an income

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