6 Reasons to “let go of" the unimportant people in your life

6 Reasons to “let go of" the unimportant people in your life.
By Kamonchanok Parnjai

This could be anyone; an old lover, a gossiping friend or anyone negative around you. At first, relationships with these people may be fun and sweet. Love is blind and sometimes people only show you their good side. But in the long run, you start learning and begin to know what’s real and what's fake. Sometimes, keeping the wrong people in your life may be dangerous for you and have negative effects on your mindset. Let go of those who are not important in your life.

1. Let go if your goals are not the same.

When you have lived and grown up to a certain point, you realize that you need something different. People change and may have different goals over time. Maybe it’s the job, the environment, life itself or different experiences. When people stop understanding each other, communication fails and they have trouble being be together.

2. Let go if only dishonesty and distrust are left.

Sometimes you can no longer trust someone anymore because they make the same mistakes repeatedly. You hear the same apologies and promises to improve on several occasions. Trust and honesty are the foundation of any relationship, friend or lover. If you can’t trust somebody anymore, it’s time to let go.

3. Let go of people who make you feel bad or hurt your feelings.

If a friend or lover makes you unhappy or sad, it's time to say goodbye to them. If they make you feel bad in front of others or compete with you all the time, it's time to remove them from your life. Respect yourself and move on as soon as possible.

4. Let go if you feel alone.

If you have to do everything alone and the other person doesn’t appreciate your efforts, it's time to let them go. Stick with people who see your value.

5. Let go if you don’t feel supported.

Let go of people who don’t support you. If someone is always telling you, “Are you sure you can do this? I think you are unlikely to succeed. Then be around people who are ready to support you and who try to help you to achieve your dreams, people who push you and believe in you. Maybe they believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

6. Let go if you have a different taste.

You can’t tolerate each other’s music and you hate each other’s favorite movies. When traveling together, you don’t like each other’s activities. If you can’t stand each other, let go.

If you can’t accept each other the way you are, it's time to walk away. In many romantic relationships or friendships, people come from different extremes and manage to be happily together for some time. But sometimes differences are not great, especially if you can’t accept those differences. If you can’t adapt, it's time to walk away. , Dare to cut them out of your life and let them go.

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