6 most popular illness among office workers…and they aren’t even aware!

Money is a part of 4 basic human needs, and this is why some people need to work day and night to be able to earn money, to buy the necessities for our families, especially the "salaryman". They are constantly working without taking care of their body, until they become unhealthy. Let’s see what types of illnesses are popular among office workers.

1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
The cause of this disease is from the stomach, esophagus and/or the lower part of the esophagus disorder, causing food to remain in the stomach longer than usual, which increases the chance of acid reflux. Office workers usually have limited time to eat and therefore prefer fast food, which is usually not healthy, high in fat, or chocolate, these types of food causes esophageal sphincter to relax and weaken the stomach, which is the cause of Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

2. High Blood Pressure.
This disease is considered a very scary disease because the symptoms are hidden, or sometimes it’s not but the symptoms are very common like headache and dizziness. If the disease is not treated properly then it could lead to other complications and diseases. The cause of this disease comes from the malfunctioning of the brain system, kidney, heart and blood vessels. There are many factors associated with the disease like old age, mental stage, stress which all came from working hard. However, for some, the disease is inherited.

3. Insomnia.
There are many factors that caused insomnia, physically, mentally and environmentally. Physically, is when you are sick and ill. Mentally, is what causes insomnia the most because it’s from stress, paranoid, depression, bi-polar – these symptoms are usually developed from the collective stress at work. Environmentally, is when your surroundings are loud, or the weather, especially now that Thailand is very hot, this could cause insomnia as well.

4. Back Pain.
This disease can happen to anyone of all ages, however, it is mostly found in working-age people, or what they called "office syndrome". If you neglect the disease, or not treat it properly then it will have a huge affect on your daily life. The cause of this disease is from moving around and using your back in the wrong position for a long time like people who’s stuck to their seats in from of the computer, especially those who do heavy lifting will have back pain and sometimes the pain goes all the way down to their thigh or legs. The pain will go along the nervous system down the legs area, moreover, the pain will increase when walking in short distance or when moving around a lot like standing up and sitting down. You may experience numbness on some parts of the body, if you are experiencing this you should see the doctor immediately.

5. Overweight.
The rate of overweight people in Thailand are increasing, we are now 2nd in ASEAN (Malaysia is first). This is mainly because the large consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, plus not having all 5 food groups. As well as having lots of fast food, sweets, snacks and most importantly, lack of exercise. Office workers ticks all the boxes!

6. Migraine.
The symptoms of migraine is very clear, as you will experience headache on one side of your head only, the pain will affect you so much that sometimes you won’t be able to function, sometimes you will vomit. Factors affected are bright sunlight, lack of sleep or late night sleep. Food is also an important factor causing migraine like alcohol, chocolate, cheese or even birth control pills can be a factor causing migraine.

The conclusion we get from all the 6 diseases mentioned above, is that, if you don’t look after your health and continue living recklessly, you will get all these 6 diseases or even worst, other ones too. Therefore, we should change the way we are living our lives, look after ourselves, work for appropriate hours, exercise, look after your health, eat well, find time to relax so that you’re not overly stressed – this way you will have a better health.

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