Running can keep you fit

Running for health has become a trend recently. We, thus, have seen many people take a photo of them running and post on social media. Some may present themselves seriously as a marathoner while some just run around a public park having fun. This does not only create a trendy image for the social poster, but also significantly improves their health. At present, there are a variety of events to satisfy different needs of runners including a fun run, a mini marathon, a half marathon. Not only a healthy life will you get, but also you can make new friends. For those who want to start running, dropping by and reading our article today can do you good since we have great running tips for you.

The Benefits of running

Before starting your run, I believe that many of you are afraid of being exhausted, hot, or even lazy. No matter what it is, just take a look at these 10 benefits of running. I bet you will go buy some running shoes once you finish reading this.

1. Relieve stress. During your run, the body will ooze a happy chemical called endorphins which make you feel fresh and active, prevent depression, and ease worry.
2. Improve brain. The Neurology (USA) reveals that those who run regularly will be two time less prone to suffer from Alzheimer’s than those who don’t.
3. Effectively reduce weight. If you run for 45 minutes at a moderate intensity with heart rate at 140 beats per minute, your body will have the afterburn effect for 14 hours after the run.
4. Strengthen joints. The frequent movement and workout will keep your joints in good conditions.
5. Reduce the chance of hypertension. Running will help improve blood flow and oxygen circulation. This helps keep blood pressure normal and develop strong heart.
6. Build up muscles. The American Journal of Physiology suggests that we should run 45 minutes for 3 times a week for the consecutive 4 months. This will help build new muscle fibers for 20% which, in turn, helps burn fat. You will get lean as you like.
7. Lower cholesterol level. During your run, the body will burn bad fat and generate good fat which helps balance the body.
8. Have time to focus on yourself. While you are running, you will have a moment with yourself, knowing who you truly are and realizing what you really want.
9. Running will keep you in a good shape, make you active and energetic, and slow down degenerative changes to your body.
10. Improve you sexual well-being. The Archives of Sexual Behavior once conducted the research and found that 71% of Americans male improve their desire for a roll in the sack after they decide to run for 25-30 kilometers per week.

Proper running forms

When it comes to running, many of you may think it is easy to do so. In fact, to run for health and turn it into a habit requires a correct form and posture to prevent future injury such as back or joint pain. Let’s see the correct forms you should maintain while running.

1. Your head should be in proper alignment with your body. Your eyes should be focused on the ground 30-40 ahead of you in order to relax your neck. Don’t stare at your feet since this will put a lot of stress on your hip which will lead to back pain.
2. Keep your posture straight and erect. Don’t lean forward or back at your waist. Bend your body a little bit forward. Your shoulder should be relaxed, not shrugged up.
3. Keep your arms and hands relaxed. Avoid clenching your fists. Loosely contract your writs to prevent arm swinging since it will make your arms and body lose balance. Your arm should slightly direct inward to your body, moving up and down in alignment with your running tempo. Your arms should swing from your shoulder joint and your elbow should be driven backward. Do not move the shoulder joint to its full range like when you swim since it may cause the injury.
4. To save knees and feet, there are two patterns for foot strikes : heel and forefoot strikes. You should switch both patterns from time to time since if you employ only one form repetitively, the heel or forefoot will get bruised and this, in turn, leads to injury.

Pre running preparations

Since running takes time and a lot of energy, to run effectively and continuously, you need to prepare yourself to prevent injury and discouragement which will finally make you give up.

1. Check your physical strength or your personal health conditions. Always talk with a doctor for before you run.
2. Train your body by jogging for a short distance at first and gradually increase the distance the next days.
3. Learn how to cool down as it is very crucial. Turn from running to brisk walking before you stop. This is better than stopping abruptly since during your run the heart rates are high. Stop abruptly may cause the sudden drop of blood pressure leading to dizziness and faint. Therefore, a solid cool down allows for a gradual recovery of pre-exercise heart rate and ease your body back to balance.
4. Eat healthy to fuel your body. Runners should include high-carb, and easy-to-digest food in their meals to store sufficient calories. Avoid protein and fat since they are difficult to digest which, in turn, will cause flatulence during your run.
5. Take enough sleep at least 7 hours a day. Do not sleep late since you feel dizzy and exhausted during your run.

These are what those newbie runners who want to start working out should do. Your diligence and perseverance will pay you off. The perfect and healthy body will finally become yours.

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