“If your heart is fit, then your life will be firmed…Secrets to looking after your heart with a passion”

“Heart Disease” just hearing of it makes a lot of people in fear because it is known that a heart disease can happen to anyone, no matter age or gender, even those who exercise regularly can have a heart disease. The statistics from the Thai Health Organisation shows that “Heart Diseases” like Coronary heart disease, Ischaemic heart disease, Cardiomegaly and Cardiac arrhythmias have already killed 6 Thais per hour. Therefore it is important to look after yourself to stay far from the heart diseases.

Heart disease can be prevented by avoiding these following habits, especially for those who has these 4 conditions, which are Diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and those who are overweight.

- Avoid processed foods, or instant foods that contains salt, sugar and fat.
- Instead of having snacks/dessert during the day or after each meal, change to fruits.
- Avoid any drinks or fruit juices with high level of sugar. If you’re thirsty, we suggest you drink water.
- If alcohol is unavoidable, consume at an appropriate amount.
- Avoid smoking, for the health of your own heart and those around you.

Heart disease can also be prevented by regularly moving your body and trying to be vigorous. You should exercise at least 30 minutes at a time, 5 times a week. For those who doesn’t have time to exercise - house chores, walking up and down the stairs instead of using the lift or using mobile application to count your steps can be the substitute of exercising.

Most importantly, you should check yourself regularly, if you come across any abnormal symptoms, it could be a sign that you have a heart disease. Symptoms like being tired, chest pain, and if those symptoms doesn’t get better after resting and you are still feeling nauseous and dyspnea then you should immediately see a doctor to examine the cause of these symptoms.

Another way to ensure that you’re in good hands and well looked after is to choose the right health insurance, the ones that protects you from the moment you find out that you have a heart disease, and will stay with you throughout the whole treatment processes. Krungthai-AXA, iHealthy, the health insurance that will protect you and look after you with all your needs, anywhere and anytime.

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