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Throughout your working life, you have accumulated a certain wealth.  In case of an unexpected event, you need to protect this wealth so it can be passed on to your loved ones. Krungthai-AXA Life is ready to be a part of your inheritance plan so you can safeguard and protect your fortune for your family’s future


iInvest is the answer to successful wealth management by saving as it has been designed to increase your monetary value and preserve your wealth at the same time for you to pass an endless wealth to your children.

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One time premium pay and investment can be increase any time after the first year

Bonus after 5 policy years (0.25% at the end of policy year 5 – 10 and 0.5% started at the end of policy year 11, the percentage calculated from average policy account in each year)

110% of onetime premium after withdrawals deduction (if any) for death benefit or 110% of policy account value whichever is greater

Life Legacy

If you are planning on leaving your inheritance to your family, this is the right option and solution for you

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2 premium mode seletable until age 60 / until age 99

Low premium, Full coverage from day one

Benefits are exempted from inheritance tax

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