Securely Protect and Accumulate Your Wealth

Manage your wealth from one generation to the next the smart and easy way

Why iWealthy

High protection with a small premium
Enjoy the benefit of protection compare with ordinary life insurance
Freedom to manged
Able to premium pause and partial withdrawal in some situation you need to manage your cash flow in each stage of life
Opportunity to generate more return
Mutual fund professionally selected and managed by our wealth management expert team

Interested iWealthy

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Insurance conditions

Insurable Age : 30 day - 70 years old
Premium Payment Period : Until age 99 years old
Coverage Period : Up to 99 years

Death Benefit

120% of sum assured or 120% of redemption value, whichever is higher.

In case of the Company is not cover

1. In the event of non-disclosure or misstatement, the company reserves the right to void the insurance contract within 2 years from the policy effective date.

2. Suicide within 1 year or is murdered by the beneficiary.

Payment Mode

Can choose to pay annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. (quarterly for bancassurance channel only)

Tax Benefit

• Only expense which is policy charged, Tax benefit is subject to the Revenue Department.
• The benefits received by the heir are not subject to taxation.