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Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance’s  responsibility is to provide you with valued protection, coverage and a professional service. We are committed to understanding your individual needs and providing insurance plans to suit your requirements at each of life’s stages. With full coverage for life, accident and critical illness, we ensure that you and your loved ones can enjoy life with peace of mind.

Perfect Life Solutions

Provide a protection for your family when facing critical illness or unexpected events. Lifelong insurance Perfect Life Solutions helps you prepare for unexpected financial events with peace of mind since the first day you pay the premium until the day you plan to build a family.

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Provide protection since the first date premium paid with affordable premium and get high coverage

No loss with money refund at maturity

Provide stable security and no worry if you have critical illness

LifeEnsure 10

Feel comfortable and no worry for every lifestyle. Fulfill smart life with confidence in lifestyle of yourself and forward caring to your family.

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Short term of payment period, long term coverage

Get higher coverage at first date payment

Worth for refund at Maturity

LifeProtect 18

To add peace of mind to you and prepare for planning for your loving family LifeProtect 18 will help you to create family/security for your loved ones faster with coverage

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Provides high coverage from the first day premium paying*

Premium paid is not wasted*

Can add other coverage as you need

LifePlus+ Saver

A savings plan for first-time workers who want to develop good savings habits while increasing life coverage to suit their lifestyle.

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In case of an unexpected event, receive total premium paid plus 100% of sum assured

Plan your savings with two coverage plans options

From 4th year onward, Receive cash payout as a reward


Because certainty can sometimes be uncertain "iProtect" leaves a heritage that ensures the future of your "loved ones".

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Coverage of up to 120 times sum assured from the first day of your premium payment

Minimum premium of hundreds per month (depending on age and gender of the insured)

Premium payment period from 10 years, or up to age 85


The new definition of Critical Illness insurance that covers up to 100 critical illnesses from early to intermediate to severe stages, allows multiple claims of up to 6 times sum assured, and assures that your policy will remain in effect even when diagnosed with a critical illness.

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Coverage of up to 100 illnesses from early to severe stage

Multiple claim benefit of up to 5 times sum assured

Additional 10 juvenile illnesses (total of 6 times of sum assured for children aged 1 month - 18 years old)


iShield Extend the good times, with continuous critical illness cover. An alternative to help protect you and your family’s happiness from critical illness. Plan now, do not let critical illness devastate your life.

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Short premium payment period and level premium to support longer happier times

70 Critical illness covered by iShield, both early stage and major stage critical illness. 20 Early Stage Critical illnesses and50 Major Stage Critical illnesse

Basic policy premium is tax deductible (Subject to revenue department announcement)

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