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Dandruff treatment – 4 home remedies to get rid of dandruff permanently

Lots of office workers develop dry scalp problems causing dandruff. And it bothers them every time they wear dark color clothes or scratch their head. If you’re one of those whose confidence is undermined by dandruff, then please read on as we look at the causes, ways to deal with it, and other diseases you may develop at the same time.

The dandruff no one loves

Dandruff is those white flakes of skin that can be found on the scalp at the base of hairs. It may also fall on collars and shoulders. The cause is shedding of skin cells in upper layers of the scalp that occurs faster than it should. A normal skin shedding cycle on the scalp lasts about 28 days and gradually subsides until it is no longer visible with the naked eye. But when the natural skin renewal cycle accelerates at the same time as the skin shedding, the result is a lot whiter flaky dead skin cell. This, in turn, causes formation of plaque which makes the dandruff even more noticeable. In some people, outbreaks of dandruff are accompanied with itchiness. Meanwhile, the many causes of dandruff include fungal infection, too oily or dry scalp, allergic reaction to chemicals such as in hair care products, and others.

Just dandruff or something more?

Besides upsetting sufferers with itchiness and loss of confidence, dandruff can also be a sign of another disease. For example, if there are more scabs on the skin than usual, accompanied with inflammation with redness, itchiness and scaling, the cause may be seborrheic dermatitis which can also be found in other areas of the body with sebaceous glands such as the nose, eyebrows, behind the ears, groin, armpits, and others. Seborrheic dermatitis is usually caused by an allergic reaction to a chemical.
Another disease that manifests in skin shedding is psoriasis, a disorder caused by division of skin cells stimulated by white blood cells or lymphocytes. This causes the skin cells to divide faster than normal, leading to inflammation on the skin and scabs that peel off. The scalp can itself become inflamed and flaky. So, if you have dandruff together with inflammation and red rash leading to white scabs, and burning and itching sensations on your skin, you may have psoriasis.

Dealing with dandruff

Primary treatment of dandruff begins with avoiding washing your hair with warm water. You should also avoid scratching your scalp vigorously when you wash your hair. And after washing, always use a conditioner, massaging it into the scalp thoroughly and leaving for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. Another important aspect of treatment is selecting a shampoo that efficiently helps treat the problem. Shampoos that contain medicinal substances that can reduce fungal infections are recommended, including:
• Ketoconazole – eliminates many types of dandruff-causing fungi.
• Zinc Pyrethion – helps eliminate fungi that cause dandruff and dermatitis.
• Selenium – helps eliminate fungus and slows turnover of skin cells on the scalp.
• Tar – reduces flaking. However, it smells quite strong and may make the hair hard and dry. If you take this option, always use a conditioner after washing. Those with dandruff should regularly use the medicinal shampoo that best suits their particular condition. Start by washing your hair with it two-three times a week. As your scalp begins to moisturize and the dandruff recedes, you can cut back to once or twice a week. Alternate the medicinal shampoo with normal shampoo. When you wash your hair with the medicinal shampoo, leave it on your head for about five minutes before rinsing to allow it to take full effect. After that, you can apply your conditioner.
If you try using a medicinal shampoo for a month and the symptoms don’t improve, or you have severe itchiness and increased dandruff, we recommend you see a doctor in the dermatology department to determine the cause and get proper treatment.
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